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Proud To BE A CPA Engraved Pens

Engraved CPA Pens

Product Detailed Description:

• Comes in Burgundy or Green

• Ships with Extra refill

• "A = L + OE" Engraved on each pen

• "Proud To Be A CPA" Engraved on

   each pen


Price: $12.75

To purchase this item, please send an email to: with your shipping address. We will ship the item and include an invoice for the item plus shipping and sales tax (if shipped in Georgia). Shipping is usually $5 for one item. In general, we rely on the honor system, but reserve the right to require a partial or full prepayment. Thank you.
"Pride in the Profession:
Encourage pride among CPAs in the CPA Profession...."
CPA Horizons 2025 Report
To Become A CPA
"Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, I was, I am, and I will be Proud To Be A CPA"
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