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Proud To Be A CPA Red Stoneware Mug

Cpa Red Stoneware Mug

Detailed Description:

•  Hand Made in USA, Stoneware Custom Mug

•  Each Mug is touched by over 24...

    ... pairs of hands

•  Individually Created on a Potter's Wheel

•  Lead Free, Food Safe

•  Makes an excellent gift for a CPA

   Price: $27.75

To purchase this item, please send an email, with your shipping address to:

We will ship the item and include an invoice for the item(s) plus shipping and sales tax (shipping within Georgia). Shipping is usually $5 for one item.
We ship with USPS Priority Mail which provides excellent Tracking Information. We will send you a copy of the mailing label before your purchase has been shipped so you can follow it as it moves from our hands to your hands.
In general, we rely on the honor system, and payment is due upon receipt. However, we reserve the right to require a partial or full prepayment.

Thank you.

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Encourage pride among CPAs in the CPA Profession..."
Source:  CPA Horizons 2025 Report
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