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Michael Johnston, CPA

Hi, I'm Mike Johnston, CPA from Sharpsburg, GA and here is some biographical information about me and an explanation of why I created this website. I aplogize for its length.

Originally from Staten Island, which is one of the five boroughs that make up NYC, I pursued a High School teaching career and earned a liberal arts undergraduate degree in History, from Wagner College. But that was interrupted by military service in the Army which included, in addition to Basic Combat and Advanced Individual Training, Airborne School, OCS, Ranger School, Jungle Training in Panama and eventually serving as a 1st Lieutenant, Platoon Leader, with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Viet-Nam, where I miraculously survived a serious combat wound and a bout with malaria. After being discharged from the Army, I relocated to the Atlanta area and enhanced my undergraduate degree with a Master’s degree in accounting from Georgia State University.

My 43 year income tax career began as a Revenue Agent with the IRS which presented challenging opportunities such as auditing complicated tax returns, teaching within the IRS and a few prestigious assignments such as working with the US Attorney's Office and testifying as an expert witness in criminal tax evasion trials and being “loaned” to UGA as an instructor for their Preparer Tax Update Clinics given throughout Georgia. Then, I moved on to become the first Corporate Tax Director of SunTrust Banks and lastly I opened a Public Accounting office from which I retired in 2016. To satisfy my interest in teaching, I was a part-time instructor of accounting at Clayton State & GA State Universities.

I have always been proud to be a CPA and I can still remember the day I received the notice from the Georgia State Board of Accountancy that I had passed the CPA Exam. Today, CPAs in Public Accounting face a growing number of National and Local income tax and accounting competitors, some of whom aggressively promote their "Professional" services, while the AICPA and State Societies, with their generously compensated executives, have chosen not to advocate on behalf of their members in Public Accounting. Meanwhile, prospective clients came to my CPA office asking if I prepared individual income tax returns. So, what can we do? We follow the recommendation of the:

CPA Horizons 2025 Report....

...published by the AICPA, to "Encourage pride among CPAs in the CPA profession ...," by promoting the CPA Brand. The CPA Accessories, CPA Gifts and CPA Merchandise for sale on this website are exclusively for CPAs, Certified Public Accountants.

Best regards,

Michael G. Johnston, CPA
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Encourage pride among CPAs in the CPA Profession..."
Source:  CPA Horizons 2025 Report
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